Lemon Honey Tea (레몬차)

Lemon Cha

Lemon Cha

This is an easy recipe to make using just lemons and white sugar. Once it is made, you use add it to hot water to make a warming drink. It’s also a great way to preserve lemons.


First off, you’ll want to clean the lemons well and chop off the ends.


Next, slice the lemons into thin wedges.


In a jar, add a couple spoons of sugar.


Then, add a few slices of lemon.


Again, more sugar.


Repeat this method, sugar-lemon-sugar… Once the jar is filled, press down the lemons to squeeze them a bit. You want the juice to mix with the sugar. Top with some more sugar, close the jar and set aside for a day or two.

If there is a lot of sugar on the bottom after a few days, just mix it a bit. You can add some more lemon slices to de-saturate it.

To serve, add a slice or two of lemon with a tablespoon of juice to a cup and add hot water.

You can also add berries or try other citrus fruits using the same method. In the picture above, I’ve added blueberries.

Enjoy! ^^



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